About me

My name is Mark-Danney Oonk, I've been in the business of creating software since 2010.

As a full-stack developer I strive to create robust, maintainable and user-centered applications and I'm constantly looking to improve my abilities doing so. My main skills include C# .Net (Core), including ASP, MVC and Entity Framework, Sitecore, (T-)SQL (Server) and TypeScript, Python and everything to do with Machine Learning and I'm a certified Scrum Master.

As a person, I aim to bring my enthusiasm, levelheadedness and overview to the teams I work with. I never shy away from a challenge to help your projects brought to a satisfying end for the team and business as well as the end-user.

Sitecore Solution Developer Microsoft Certified Professional Scrum.org certified Scrum Master


C# .Net

Never stop learning!


Getting pretty comfortable


I can probably help you with any question you have

ML Engineering

The more you learn, the more you know you haven't learned

TypeScript / Angular

Alright, just not my comfort zone

Scrum / Agile

Live and breathe it

SQL, Spark

Data is not optional

My skills and experience

Clean Code

Maintainable, easy-to-read and unit tested code for lasting value.

Cloud-enabled development

Create your software to be scalable, distributable and safe.

Architecture Design

I design for low coupling and safe integration with the rest of your landscape.


Check out some projects I've worked on and clients I've worked with by clicking on their respective logos

Coöperatie VGZ - Personalization

Coöperatie VGZ

Personalisation and Marketing automation

PGGM - Mijn Philps Pensioenfonds


Mijn Philips Pensioenfonds

Achmea - Employee Portal

Centraal Beheer Achmea

Employee Portal

Port of Rotterdam - Roportis

Port of Rotterdam


Deloitte - BRAT


Business Risk Assessment Tool

Contact Me

If you'd like to discuss potential contracts or just want to get in touch, please don't hesitate to contact me.