About me

Hi, I'm Mark-Danney Oonk, born in '87. I live in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and I've been in the business of creating software since 2010.

As a full-stack developer I strive to create robust, maintainable and user-centered applications and I'm constantly looking to improve my abilities doing so. My main skills include C# .Net 4.5+ (including ASP, MVC and Entity Framework), Sitecore 8-10, SQL Server and JavaScript, including modern frameworks like Typescript and Angular and I'm a certified Scrum Master.

As a person, I aim to bring my enthusiasm, levelheadedness and overview to the teams I work with. I never shy away from a challenge to help your projects brought to a satisfying end for the team and business as well as the end-user.

Sitecore Solution Developer Microsoft Certified Professional Scrum.org certified Scrum Master


C# .Net

Killin' it



JavaScript / AngularJS


HTML / CSS / Design


Scrum / Agile




SQL Server


My skills and experience

When creating products, I always strive for perfection and maximum value

Clean Code

Maintainable, easy-to-read and unit tested code for lasting value

Cloud-enabled development

Create your software to be scalable, distributable and safe

Architecture Design

Design software for low coupling and safe integration with your back-end landscape


Check out some projects I've worked on and clients I've worked with by clicking on their respective logos

Achmea - Employee Portal

Coöperatie VGZ

Personalisation and Marketing automation

PGGM - Mijn Philps Pensioenfonds


Mijn Philips Pensioenfonds

Achmea - Employee Portal

Centraal Beheer Achmea

Employee Portal

Port of Rotterdam - Roportis

Port of Rotterdam


Deloitte - BRAT


Business Risk Assessment Tool


Happy Clients


Modern Websites


Winning Awards

Blog Posts

Below are some of my earlier blog posts, check them out if you'd like!

Calling a cross-domain web service using JavaScript and SAML2

21 January, 2015

When you have a client application and a webservice application but they both reside on different (sub-) domains, you'll want to link them using single sign-on, using for instance ADFS, or your user experience will suffer.

Calling a cross-domain web service using JavaScript and SAML2

26 January, 2015

In this example we'll create a new .Net WebApi layer in Visual Studio 2013. Everything in this post can be transferred to an MVC app just as easily if needed, however Ajax calls to MVC apps are most likely on the same domain so will not need this extra work.

Configure SOLR search with Sitecore Experience Accelerator

30 August, 2017

Sitecore SXA is awesome, but it doesn't play nice with Solr search out of the box. Let's fix that!

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